Merit Badge Mania

Merit Badge Mania

February 1
Sunnyvale Baptist Church
3018 N Belt Line Rd, Sunnyvale 75182 (Map)


7:30 - 7:50 Check-in/Setup
7:50 - 8 Orientation
8 - 11:15 Morning Session
11:15 - 12:15 Pizza Lunch
12:15 - 3:30 Afternoon Session
3:30 - 4 Clean-up

Scouts have an opportunity to earn two merit badges in one day! Some merit badge requirements can't be done in a day but, if the Scout will complete the prequisites beforehand, he can complete the badge at Merit Badge Mania. Prerequisites are listed below.


  • A registrar will be available at every roundtable until the event.
  • Cost is $10/scout. If slots are still available on the day of the event, walk-ins are welcome; the price will be $15.
  • While we strongly encourage registering your unit at Roundtable, if your unit cannot make it to Roundtable, please contact Emily Parks-Young for alternative registration options (EParksYoung).
  • If your unit is not going, you may register separately.
  • Out of district scouts are welcome.
  • Slots are first come/first served, and will only be locked in after payment has been received.
  • Unit volunteers and parents not helping with the event but wishing to have lunch (probably pizza) still need to register in advance. The cost for lunch only is $5/person.
  • To register, we need:
  1. Unit Number (e.g. 1020, 57, etc.)
  2. Names of Scouts (or number of places to hold)
  3. Desired Schedule
  4. Emergency Contact Information *
  5. Registration/Payment Contact
  6. Lunch will likely be pizza. With this in mind, please consider any applicable dietary restrictions.

    * Emergency information that changes should be updated. If unit leaders will be responsible for a group of scouts (instead of individual parents) and have the appropriate medical and contact information, then we only need the information for the individuals responsible for the group of scouts.

Sunnyvale Baptist Campus

Classroom Badge
  *  Eagle Required
  + STEM/NOVA Awards
Class Limit Merit badge requirements scheduled to be completed To complete the badge during MBM, these prerequisites that must be finished prior to MBM Special Notes  
(Pending) American Business 25 1, 2b-e, 3, 4, 6 2a, 5   Worksheet
(Pending) Automotive Maintenance+ 20 All Read MB Book; fill out worksheet One session. afternoon only Worksheet
(Pending) Chemistry+ 25 All     Worksheet
(Pending) Cit. in the Community * 25 1-2, 4-6, 8 3, 7, prepare 8   Worksheet
(Pending) Cit. in the Nation * 25 1, 2d, 4-8 (2a, 2b OR 2c), 3 One session, morning only Worksheet
(Pending) Cit. in the World * 25 1-6 7 One session, afternoon only Worksheet
(Pending) Electricity+ 5 1, 3-7, 10, 11 2, 8, 9   Worksheet
(Pending) Engineering+ 25 All   One session, morning only Worksheet
(Pending) First Aid * 25 2-10 1   Worksheet
(Pending) Game Design 25 All     Worksheet
(Pending) Genealogy 25 1-2, 4a, 4c, 6-9 3, 4b, 5   Worksheet
(Pending) Geology+ 25 All   Bring rock or fossil collection, if you have one Worksheet
(Pending) Inventing+ 25 1-5, (6, 7?), 9 (6, 7?) 8   Worksheet
(Pending) Personal Management *+ 25 3-7, 9-10 1-2, 8   Worksheet
(Pending) Programming 25 1b-6 1a Must have up-to-date Cyber Chip to complete badge Worksheet
(Pending) Robotics+/Model Design+ 25 All   All day Worksheet
(Pending) Salesmanship 25 1-4, 6-7 5   Worksheet


  1. A Scout may have to take alternate classes if courses are full, if there is a late cancellation by the counselor, etc.
  2. The merit badge requirements scheduled to be completed are a "best estimate."
  3. Scouts should bring a blue card for counselors to sign. Any records kept by course leaders and sent to units are only a supplement to this.